Mass blackbird deaths in US state of Arkansas

Moscow:) A mass death of blackbirds was registered in the US state of Arkansas for the second time on New Year's eve, CNN reported Tuesday.

A year ago some 5,000 blackbirds were found dead in a square-mile area in the town of Beebe, some 35 miles to the northeast of the state capital of Little Rock. This year some 200 blackbirds were discovered dead again in the same town.

Someone went into a large roost of blackbirds as the clock struck midnight and set off fireworks killing scores of birds.

Last year scientists explained that the mass death of blackbirds was caused by fireworks. The birds, frightened by exploding firecrackers and fireworks, most likely became disoriented and collided with trees, electric lines, houses and cars.

This year the situation repeated as "someone went into the roost and set off fireworks," Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokeswoman Ginny Porter said adding that "We didn't catch them, we don't know who."

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